Beethoven’s Back

Beethoven’s Back

Last week violinist Kenneth Goldsmith, cellist Ronald Leonard an excellent young pianist Caren Levine played Beethoven twice – his Ghost Trio, Op. 70, as part of a Wednesday evening chamber concert, and his famous Triple Concerto, Op. 56 as part of a Saturday evening Chico Symphony concert at Laxson Auditorium. Leonard and Goldsmith were excellent but, but pianist Levine simply shown, playing with amazing fluidity and harness power. Sometimes thrusting her lower arms down at the keys, sometimes reaching out from beneath them, sometimes seeming less to “ping” them with her fingertips than to draw her fingers towards her palms while simultaneously striking them: She was magical.

Original Source: Chico News & Review | Date: September 30, 1999 | By: Ernt Schoen-René

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