Bravi, Ladies!

Bravi, Ladies!

Rarely do we who are regular subscribers to the Heritage Village Concert Series have the opportunity to hear two superb performers so perfectly attuned to each other’s artistry as we did on November 18. That afternoon we came to hear Theresa Santiago, soprano, accompanied by Karen Levine, pianist. What we hear were two stellar artists who were totally in charge of their presentation. During intermission it was interesting to listen in on the comments from the audience. Without pause, everyone was talking about the gigantic talent who was at the piano. Caren Levine, whose career as an active performer gives great promise for this young New Yorkers future, had already made a great impression on the listeners even before her impressive work in the second half of the program. She has been with the Metropolitan Opera since 2003 and has composed for jazz piano, two completely opposite musical fields. Her understanding of the voice is exquisite, supporting and embellishing the singer with subtlety or with the strength one would expect from a body twice her size. This pianist should be listed as a collaborator on the program, not an accompanist.

Original Source: Heritage Villiager | Date: December 7, 2007 | By: Alice E. Gross

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