Miami Music Festival Le Nozze di Figaro review

Miami Music Festival Le Nozze di Figaro review

A Mozartian classic is not something to take lightly, however, the cast of the MMF on Sunday passed the test with triumphant colors. Although there were details in some singers, especially Bizhou Chang, who as the Comtessa does not always achieve smoothness in the pianos and rough and treble modulations was shocking, the balance sheet was an enjoyment to the height of great scenarios with all the world’s resources.

Surprising the Count of Alex DeSocio and the Figaro of Jeremy Harr, by the security with which they played on stage, wearing his characters with variants and wealth very appreciable in the drama.

Sarah Plata, Seung Hee Lee and Matthew Manes, in their minor characters stood out, clean and fun, giving the necessary strength to his scenes side effects that do not lack beauty, especially in the concert. Funny the Barbarina Madison Spahn and brilliant Lydia Eiche as Susanna and Theresa Kessel as Cherubino. These are singers ready for any stage.

But once more the non-visible star of the night was Caren Levine, who led the orchestra “to passage of conga”, from the podium taking them a Mozart upbeat and with all the sparkling joy that this work brought at the time; especially by such controversial matters of the privileges of the nobility and the marital fidelity. The simple fact to confuse the maid with the countess was already a boldness that was used in many works of the 18th century to underline the fact that we are all equal. The original work of Beaumarchais was prohibited, but Mozart convinced the Emperor Joseph II (despot illustrated) with a libretto by Da Ponte, stressing that it was a tangle of couples, although the subversive was sneaky.

This managed to maintain the balance between the social and the staff in a frame of great complexity that despite its centuries still makes me laugh and think.

Without doubt a brilliant close for the MMF that puts us to looking forward to the next summer.

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