Pianist Shines at Musicorda Concert

Pianist Shines at Musicorda Concert

With the new piano chamber music continent heads by Samuel Sanders in its first season, the Musicorda Festival is benefitting from and infusion of new pianists. One of the finest of these, Caren Levine, a former student of Sanders, join violinist Masuko Ushioda and cellist Ronald Leonard and earthshaking rendition of Mendelssohn’s Piano Trio in D minor, Op. 49 Friday evening. Under her fingers the first, third and fourth movements of Mendelssohn flashed and billowed, now stormy and muscular, now passionately lyrical. The scherzo in particular, replete with Mendelssohn’s unique fairy music, glistened with her dry, clear and daintily molded articulation. Her partners in the venture were highly seasoned veterans of Romantic chamber music… Mendelssohn’s music building blocks, progressions, sequences, and the passagework, melded together into a single vibrant entity and produce one of the Musicorda festival’s greatest performances.

Original Source: The Union-News | Date: July 13, 1998 | By: Clifton J. Noble, Jr.

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