Soprano Barbara Bonney Charms with Schubert, Brahms

Soprano Barbara Bonney Charms with Schubert, Brahms

The Schubert song recital for at Lydia Mendelson theater Tuesday night was one of the University musical societies season highlights. This was a splendid recital for all angles. Bonney’s accompanist, the young prestidigitator Caren Levine, deserves special mention for she enhanced Bonney’s recital immensely. It’s amazing how many ham-fisted bangers there are out there, and even a mediocre pianist would have noticeably muddled the soft music that Bonney spun for her listeners Tuesday night. There was no harshness or vulgarity, even in jest, in any of Bonney’s material on this recital, and that temperament was enhanced by Levine’s gentle accompaniments.

Original Source: The Ann Arbor News | Date: February 19, 1997 | By: Gerald Brennan

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