Sopranos Debut at Sherwood Worth Waiting For

Sopranos Debut at Sherwood Worth Waiting For

Before a sold-out audience at La Jolla’s Sherwood Auditorium, Bonney showed why she’s an international favorite. But it wasn’t only her tone quality that distinguished Wednesday’s performance, which was sensitively accompanied by pianist Karen Levine. She was almost at home in the lush toned romanticism of Grieg and Strauss, a musical language in which she and her accompanist work impressively fluent. Bonney and Levine conveyed the rhapsodic outpourings of Grieg’s song “The Dream” and Schubert like storytelling in Grieg’s “The Way of the World. And nowhere were their efforts more exquisite than in Strauss’ “September,” where they emphasized the elegiac quality of the music.

Original Source: Union Tribune | Date: May 12, 2000 | By: Valerie Scher

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